Frequently Asked Questions


What does Grub mean by "fresh"?
At Grub, "fresh" embodies a commitment to using the finest human-grade ingredients, ensuring your dog receives meticulously prepared food. We prioritize a cooking process that maintains optimal nutrient levels, avoiding frozen, pre-prepared food. Our goal is to deliver genuine, top-quality meals that are cooked with care and delivered fresh to your doorstep.
Who crafts your recipes at Grub?
Our recipes are expertly crafted by a seasoned Pet Food Formulator and industry consultant. With over a decade of leadership in the pet food sector, this professional ensures optimal nutrition, using their expertise in various formulations.
How much does it cost to feed my pet fresh food?
The cost of providing your pet with fresh food varies based on factors like age, weight, and activity level. We offer personalized quotes, cost savings for less frequent deliveries, and a multi-pet discount. For information, contact us via email or by calling/texting 0096541440012 (Kuwait).
Can I reschedule orders or cancel my account?
Yes, you can reschedule orders or cancel your pet’s fresh food subscription. Manage your account settings or contact us by email or by calling/texting 0096541440012 (Kuwait).
What is your return policy?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns due to the perishable nature of our fresh meals. If you don't see the benefits within 30 days, contact us by email for a refund or explore other options. See our Terms of Service for details.
What are the perks of being a Grub subscriber?
Grub subscribers enjoy having their pet's needs met with timely deliveries, early access to new products, and occasional surprises. Join Grub and witness the health benefits of a fresh diet while enjoying exclusive perks.
What does the Grub box consist of?
The Grub box consists of 14 meals tailored towards your dog's size and activity level, delivered every two weeks. For larger dogs, we offer weekly deliveries consisting of 7 meals. Each box is carefully crafted to meet your pet's specific needs and ensure a continuous supply of fresh, high-quality meals.